How Much does home care costs

How Much Does Home Care Cost in 2022

The hourly cost of private care at home usually falls between £22 and £35 p/h with the average rate being around £25 and £30 p/h.

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Calculating cost of care for your loved one can be difficult. This article will tell you how much you should pay, based on knowledge from across the UK. In this page, I will look at how much it will typically cost in Scotland if you require a home care package or personal support with daily tasks while you are living in your own home.


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  1. What is home help?
  2. Elderly care costs – how much do carers cost?
  3. Cost of overnight care at home in Scotland
  4. Who pays for carers at home?
  5. Who will carry out my care needs assessment
  6. What is Self Directed Support?
  7. What happens for the care needs assessment?
  8. What are home care fees?
  9. Where can I find a home care provider?
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What is home help?

Home help support, or domiciliary care as it is also known, is a fantastic alternative to residential help but it is important to understand how much you are likely to pay for elderly care.

Increasingly, people are looking at private carers for elderly family members.

It is often preferred by those who have lower level help needs and wish to remain in their own accommodation to reduce the stress of having to move out. Now home support is available at varying levels for each individual – making it a more accessible solution than ever before.

Yet like any form of care, there are financial implications – and although the cost of care is usually less than care home costs or nursing costs the money you spend can still mount up over time.

You can read more about the price of accommodation help for the elderly further down. There is also a calculator you can use to work out how much you will have to pay.

In this informative section we explore the cost of care, explain how you can pay for homecare – and share why financial planning is important. Key questions and answers related to the price of home support are also set out later in this section.

If you prefer home support and need carers with you permanently, then you can read about Live In Care. This is becoming very popular as it allows experts to be with you 24 hours and also allows you to stay at home with care without further trouble.

Elderly care costs – how much do carers cost?

One of the first things you need to consider when coming to a decision about a home help support package is ‘how much do carers cost’?

Every situation is different for each individual, so it is important you take everything into account when seeking a quote for your support services.

To calculate your averaged home support fees, think about how frequently you’ll need to access help, and which type of help you’ll require. For more help, visit the care quality commission council website.

For example, companionship and errand running types of care usually cost less than a more intensive personal care plan and assistance with medication and mobility support using specialist equipment.

On average, for the cost of care at home in the UK, or day care, you can expect your home help costs to be anywhere between £22 and £35 per hour.

Cost of overnight care at home in Scotland

You may not need someone during the day or with you 24 hours per day. However, you may appreciate some-one being available overnight to make sure there are no falls and help can be given going to the toilet etc.

Most companies offer this service and the cost of overnight care at home is usually £25-35 p/h higher than day home support. Cost is just one of the factors you should consider when looking for support.

Who carries out my care needs assessment?

If you are paying for your home care privately, a qualified and experienced care assessor will come to your home at a time that suits you and discuss your care needs. This gives you a great deal of choice about your care package.

Alternatively, an assessment is undertaken by a social worker from the local authority. They will work with you to see how you cope with day to day tasks, such as dressing, cooking meals and washing. This is known as identifying your ‘care needs’.

It is important that you are open and honest with the assessor, so if you do have someone that helps you with your daily activities, please do tell them. The assessor needs to know what you need help with, as this, in turn, helps identify whether you are eligible for support. The assessor will decide what care at home you need.

What is Self Directed Support?

Self-Directed Support (SDS) is a form of support to help you to continue to live independently in your own home and can give you support with care costs. If you are assessed as needing support, you are automatically entitled to Self-Directed Support. You can read more about it here.


If you choose SDS Option 1, you can decide which care provider you would like to provide your care and you can use your budget towards your care costs. Some people pay as little as £7.00 an hour paying for care this way.

What happens after the care needs assessment?

Following the assessment, your local authority will let you know what packages either it can provide or can arrange for you. All local authorities have to use a set of nationally agreed criteria when assessing what support you are entitled to.

You will be entitled to support if you meet all of the following criteria:


What are private home care fees?

Private home care support simply refers to any support you pay for yourself which is not fully state-funded.

As above, you can expect to pay between £22 – £35 p/h and the estimate is probably about £25-30 p/h.   Average home help costs tend to be more expensive in the South compared to the North.

Private home support payment may also be partially funded by your local authority through Self Directed Support.

With private home support, you choose the provider of your home support services. This means that you’re free to select whichever company you wish, providing your budget allows for it, as private home support providers set their own home support rates.

A private care home fee and rates must be paid for independently, either fully or partially. It is assumed that private home support companies offer a better choice in the level of care.

Where can I find a local home care agency?

The Care Inspectorate can help choose a good care provider and you can read their reviews as well. You should note down the company number or phone number for later reference.