Technology Enabled Care

Using technology to help you live confidently at home!

We are a person centred company and we use assistive technology in home care to enhance your care and personal outcomes. At Oran Care we make sure our clients are safe, protected and supported.

We do this by using an array of care-technology products.  Behind these products you’ll find people who care about your independence and dignity, as well as your safety at home.


At Oran Care, we identified a need for the provision of better, smarter and more efficient and consistent care for older people living at home. That’s why we use assistive technology in home care and products that are designed to make your life easier.

And because we know how important it is to feel safe and confident living in your own home, we offer a premium range of care-technology products that can be tailored to your everyday needs and to the uniqueness of your own home.

Our range provides video interaction, safety sensors, monitors and G.P.S. tracking for the use of those who wish to continue living and enjoying life at home, which is exactly where you should be.

All installed quickly and efficiently by our friendly technician.


Our video conferencing service means you can stay in touch with the world and with your carer. Oran Care offers a face to face check in service as often as you need or want it. Whether it is to remind you to take your medication, let you know which carers will be coming or just a chance to see a friendly face throughout the day our video service will make you feel safe and connected.

Don’t worry about the complications of using a new device, calls can be answered with one simple press of a button. Its easier than answering the phone.


Our new electronic monitoring system allows family and carers to access up to date care records wherever they are. This can include an electronic record of the time carers arrive and leave, a list of the tasks carried out, medication records and a written report on how the visit has gone.

You and your family will have access to comprehensive information regarding your care plan and the support provided. Any concerns can be relayed direct to our care team in real time so action can be taken quickly and efficiently.


Our discrete motion sensors use infrared to detect activity. No cameras or microphones, just peace of mind without compromising privacy.


Door sensors can be placed on entry and exits points to ensure your loved ones know you have arrived safely. They can notify someone if you leave your home and would have difficulty finding your way back.