Hospital Discharge Service

The UK is in the midst of a hospital discharge crisis.

Our private service gives us access to high quality staff meaning that if you are well enough to return home, we can provide a short, fixed term care package in order to facilitate this transition.

Care After a Hospital Stay

Coming home from hospital after an illness or operation can be stressful for patients and their carers, especially if the hospital is struggling to find the support you need to go home.

Ensuring discharge planning begins early during the patient’s hospital stay is in the best interest of any patient but especially older people. The longer you are in hospital, the greater chance you have of developing hospital acquired infections and losing strength and mobility.

By arranging discharge care in fixed blocks of 6 week packages, we can organise transitions much more easily and effectively allowing service users time to organise care packages through social services or privately from the comfort of their own homes.

Throughout the package we will work to ensure a smooth transition between our discharge team and any council care or private care that you have arranged separately at the end of the period.

Hospital to Home Package

For people who need support getting to and from hospital we can offer our hospital visit service. We’ll be there to pick you up from home, pack your hospital bags, take you to hospital and make sure you are comfortable before we leave. You can call us when it’s time to collect you.

We will pick you up, collect any prescriptions you have, transport you safely home. Stay with you overnight if need be to reassure you as you recover from the effects of surgery.

We can also contact your family or friends and let them know how you are.

With Oran Care professional support by your side, you can focus on recovery, confident somebody is there for you.