Our Regulated care

Our Outstanding Regulated Care at Home

Oran understands that the quality of relationship between a carer and their client is key to success in care. That’s why we emphasise the importance of having your own key worker that you can become familiar with. It’s important to us that you know and like the person who looks after you; after all that’s how we build lasting relationships. We can’t stress highly enough the benefits that consistent and robust care arrangements bring to the whole family.

A care package must be built with solid foundations for it to be successful longer term, so we always provide introductions between you and your carers. Asking for your feedback and making any changes if required before a package of care starts is essential.

Care services in Scotland are regulated by the Care Inspectorate. The Care Inspectorate regulates and inspects care services like Oran Care to make sure they meet the standards set down by the Scottish Government. It also works with providers to help them improve their service and make sure everyone gets safe, high-quality care that meets their needs.

Everyone is entitled to safe, high quality, compassionate care that meets their needs. Which is why specialist inspectors visit thousands of care services every year. They grade their quality, require them to improve if necessary, and investigate complaints.

The inspection grades are a useful guide for you when you are trying to choose a care company. You can find Oran Care’s most recent inspection report below and you can read inspection reports for other care companies on the Care Inspectorate website.

The Care Inspectorate believe that they can make care better by working with people who have personal experience of care services. Many of their inspections take place with inspection volunteers – people who work alongside our expert inspectors – who listen to the views of people using services and inform our findings. If this is something you might like to do, please get in touch with the Care Inspectorate to find out more.

At Bright Care, we believe that with the right foundations and resources, every elderly person can live out their later years, with dignity, security, and purpose, in the comfort of their own homes. For us, this can only be achieved if the care service we provide is of the highest quality standards. This is why we choose to be a regulated elderly care provider. It means you can have full peace of mind, knowing that our service is accountable to the national regulatory bodies for care, and your loved one is being looked after by us, not only with love, but also with a high degree of professionalism.

When choosing a care service, remember that not all providers are regulated.

In Scotland, care services are graded by the Care Inspectorate from 1 (Unsatisfactory), to 6 (Excellent).  Steady and good year-on-year grades, generally indicate a stable and well-run service. Therefore, we take pride in the outstanding results that our branches continually obtain.