Dementia and Alzheimers Support

Dementia Care in Your Own Home

Because we specialise in caring for older people, respite care for clients with dementia is a huge part of our expertise and forms a large part of our business. We understand that caring for someone who is living with dementia can be complex and unpredictable.

Our social care packages can take on a very different but incredibly effective style. Reminiscence Therapies, Music Therapies and taking part in meaningful activities have all shown to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia. Safely participating in hobbies such as gardening or cooking with a carer can help those living with dementia foster a sense of self and personal identity.

For people living with dementia, there really is no place like home. The comfort of familiar surroundings along with the connection with family, friends, and the community often makes the diagnosis easier to manage for the entire family. Our high quality dementia care means there is no need for someone living with dementia to move into a care home.

We will walk you through the care planning process. Our highly experienced Care Assessor will spend time getting to know you and your family before producing a tailored made and very person centred care plan, which reflects your needs and wishes. We are specialists in this area and we can work closely with you, to help you learn more about what sort of care will be required.

Dementia has many symptoms and each person experiences the illness differently. Whether it is Alzheimers Disease, Vascular Dementia, Parkinsons or another form of cognitive impairment Oran Care has extensive experience working in this field and can deliver hourly, respite or live in care for family and carer. Working together we can find a way forward.

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What you should know

Respite Care for Family and Loved Ones

Dementia affects the family, friends and day-to-day carers of a loved one. When caring for someone with a dementia it is important to feel that you have someone to turn to for advice and support. Your named Care Assessor will be your point of contact and can be on hand when you need to talk. They will know your situation inside and out so will often be able to offer their advice and support, no matter what the query.

If you are a family carer, it is vital you take regular breaks away from your caring role. This is sometimes referred to as respite care. Taking a break allows you to recharge your batteries, so you are ready to return to your caring role again; this can be for just a few hours a day or a few hours a week or even a long weekend – it’s up to you. And as the respite is delivered in your home you know your loved one will be happy in a place he or she knows with a carer they already have a good relationship with. You can relax and have peace of mind in the knowledge that your loved one is being well cared for and is enjoying the support and company that is in place.

Companionship, Meaningful Activities, Reminiscence Work, Music Therapies.

We believe that living a purposeful and meaningful life with quality social interaction will add value to the lives of older people as well as those living with Dementia. Getting out and about, exercise, fresh air and plenty good quality social stimulation are all now widely recognised as significantly reducing or delaying the onset of dementia and can significantly improve the standard of living for those with the disease. We are committed to delivering relationship based care, making us the ideal choice to provide effective care for you or your loved ones.

Our care staff love to take clients out and about to explore and help keep your loved ones mind active and engaged.

Assistive Technology

Often simple aids or gadgets can assist someone with memory loss to manage better at home. In the same way that a ramp and a wheelchair may assist the independence and safety of a person with mobility needs, modifying the environment and using assistive technology may support the cognitive and practical needs of a person living with dementia.

Oran Care make use of a range of technology products that give peace of mind to family and loved ones. We can help you find solutions that can be integrated into you or your loved ones normal routine without being noticed, or with minimal disruption.

It is always a good idea to introduce assistive technology when the dementia is still at an early stage, so that you or your loved ones can gradually get used to new ideas. One of our friendly technicians can come to your home and do a full assessment and we always involve the person in decisions about which product or solution to use.

Dementia Respite Care Costs

Supporting someone with dementia is always going to be more costly, as the level of support they typically need is quite high.
However, supporting someone at home with dementia care is often no more expensive than the average cost of a care home. This often means, that the decision about how to best support someone does not need to be financially driven, but can be made simple on what family feel is going to be best for them. We are always happy to offer our help and advice in this area, and if residential care becomes the only option we will happily provide advice.

Caring for someone with dementia is not something to be taken lightly and needs careful discussion and planning. Get in touch to see how we can help.