needing homecare services

What are the signs that a homecare service is needed?

When someone is used to living and managing independently, it can be difficult to ask for help. It sometimes it can be difficult to spot the signs that homecare s needed. Dementia, frailty and decreased function can gradually develop and many people are too proud or embarrassed to admit that they are struggling with daily activities.

There are clues that they are finding home life a challenge and that their safety may be at risk:

How to find private homecare services

There are a number of different ways of accessing and employing private home carers. You could search for an independent carer, use a care agency or an introductory service. Each method has pros and cons, the right way for your family will depend on your budget and the level of control and ongoing responsibility you want.

Is a private home care agency the best solution for my family?

A fully-managed home care service can reduce the stress of finding home care support. The agency will assess your loved one’s needs, provide a care plan and monitor quality of care. They will perform rigorous safety checks, including police searches and following up references and deal with contracts, salaries and insurance. If a carer is ill or away the agency will provide alternative cover. This comprehensive service can be a little more expensive, however this is balanced against the reassurance they offer and the security of monitoring by the Care Inspectorate. Oran Care offers a fully-managed Regulated care service for people needing from twenty hours of care per week to around-the-clock live-in care. It is a clinical care service with in-house nursing and dementia specialist expertise and experienced care professionals.

Private home care services: who can benefit?

Age, illness and injuries can make it difficult to get out and about, manage the house and cope with daily routines like washing, dressing and preparing food. For people who don’t want to move into a care home, private in home care can help with chores and offer the support needed to live safely in the home that they love.

What exactly is a private home care service?

Private homecare service is personal support provided in the comfort of your own home. It can also be described as domiciliary care or home help. A professional carer can come into the home to provide practical assistance with everyday tasks like washing, cleaning and shopping and supportive care with the activities of daily living like bathing and toileting. Private homecare service can support independent living and make an enormous difference to quality of life.

What service can be provided with private homecare services for the elderly at home?

Private homecare service for the elderly at home is very flexible and can be tailored to individual needs. It can be provided on an hourly basis or around-the-clock. Many people may need a carer to provide home help or personal assistance for an hour or two a week, others may benefit from people popping in several times a day to oversee medication, help with getting in and out of bed and preparing meals.



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