a day in the life of a carer
A day in the life of a carer – sharing a cup of tea.

A Day in The Life of a Carer

Kelsey has been a carer for six years, and she can’t imagine herself doing anything else. If you asked about a day in the life of a carer she would tell you it is about bringing a smile to the faces of the people she works with. But it’s not just about lifting people’s spirits but making a difference, building real connections with those she provides care for.

Kelsey loves her job because every day she gets a chance to be there for someone and make their life better by offering a caring professional service. She understands that providing support, friendship, and dignity can have a profound effect on the lives of those that she cares for, helping them live at home independently.

But how is each day spent, exactly? What do care workers do?

“I work part-time,” says Kelsey. “Day shifts one week and late shifts the next, this means one week I can take my children to school and the next I collect them from school.” “But whether it’s an early morning start or working on teas and teas, every day is different although there are some things that you will always do”.

“In the morning we’re normally supporting to get the service user out of bed, helping them to get washed and dressed, then giving them breakfast.” Says Kelsey. “Lunchtime is normally supporting with toileting and preparing food. On the late shift we start at teatime, and then come back later for tuck when we support our clients to go through their bedtime routine”.

The focus for a care worker is supporting our clients to live independently, it’s not about doing everything for them but rather an extra pair of hands to help them get through their day. But more than providing support to do day-to-day tasks our carers provide companionship. This forms an important part of providing care at home service such as Oran Care; perhaps even the most important.

Being a carer is about more than ticking off a list of tasks it’s so much more than that. If it is done well, it can make a huge difference to somebodies day and can let people live better lives.

It’s knowing how to provide comfort when people are feeling low. It’s offering a sympathetic ear when they’re anxious. It’s caring; in the truest sense of the word. It’s about being empathic and compassionate. It’s about support and understanding.

And when a carer’s day is done?

They are then encouraged to take time out for themselves and their loved ones. To relax and recharge their batteries.

“I tend to binge watch Netflix to unwind and go to the gym on my day off.”  We agree that it’s very well-earned.


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