Hourly Daytime Care

Extended Quality Care Visits During The Day

Our daytime care visits in your home, also known as home care or in-home care, is the provision of care for people living otherwise independently within their own homes. Our ethos at Oran Care is about building robust and consistent care packages that are all about the person and relationships rather than about ‘task’. This is why we only do visits for over one hour at a time, and for 10 hours a week or more.

Our flexible and tailored approach provides our clients in the Fife, Tayside and Edinburgh regions with high-quality daytime home care services focused on meeting their specific needs. Some of the most common types of daytime care services are outlined below.

Morning Visits

Typically, a morning visit includes assistance to get up, bath or shower and dress, make or change the bed, prepare lunch together if possible and/or undertake light domestic tasks. Go out, for example, for hospital appointments, shopping or social outings.

Afternoon Visits

A chance to get out and about with one of our supportive carers. Take a drive, go out for coffee, wander around a gallery, stroll in the park or just have a cup of tea and chat. You might want to do a little gardening, or cooking, listen to music or do something more creative. Our experienced, attentive carers can help facilitate activities and keep you or your loved ones engaged in purposeful activity.

Evening Visits

An evening visit might include preparing an evening meal, providing evening companionship, assistance with bathing, medication, tucking in and finally securing the property before we leave.

Flexible and Caring

To ensure our clients get the level of home care services we believe they require, we make each visit a minimum of one hour – although we can obviously provide extra hours as appropriate.